Tuesday Evening
Ladies Competition

NNA provides Senior Ladies competition at Hillview Stadium on Tuesday evening.

Season 1


Season 2


Important Information about our Competition

  • Players must be 14 years or over to take the court (exceptions apply if NNA Committee approved) 
  • Maximum 7 players, minimum 5 players for game to commence Normal netball rules apply, 10 minutes quarters 

o 30 second quarter break & 1 minute half time break 

o 1 minute quarter break & 2 minutes half time break (apply to finals)

Team duties to include assistance with set-up, pack up, scoring and time keepers 

  • All players must sign NNA Code Of Conduct before taking the court
  • All players must have completed and paid Netball Victoria online registration for 2024 via Netball Connect.
    Senior Registration $119 ($86 Netball Victoria & $33 NNA Affiliation Fee)
    Junior Registration $99 ($66 Netball Victoria & $33 NNA Affiliation Fee)
    Failure to pay registration will result in the individual not being able to take the court. 
  • Fill ins = $5.00 per game. Maximum 3 games fill in per player (full registration must be paid after this time) 
  • Game Fee: $63 per team, per round (2 weeks games money must be paid in advance to cover any forfeit) 
  • All team members must wear either skirt/shorts with top and bib – all players must wear the same colour no exceptions 

o ie: green top / black shirt or shorts / red bib 

o pre-advised medical conditions taken under consultation 

  • Finals Qualifying 

o Players must have played at minimum 3 games within the season o Players name must be written on the score card before the 

commencement of any game in order to play and be eligible 

o Fill-ins may not play in finals 

New teams and players are welcome and should contact admin@nepeannetball.com.au for entry details.